About Us

Direct, Organic, and Transparent

DOT Financial News is a Retail & Institutional financial news channel that aims to bring traders the raw information from top industry specialists.

About Us

DOT Financial News is a Retail & Institutional Financial News Channel that Aims to Bring Traders the Raw Information from Top Industry Specialists.

Our presenters are reputable finance professionals that work for well-known financial firms and through our combined effort we bring the financial markets to your doorstep.

Daily Live Broadcasts, Trading Videos, Live Trading, Webinars, Investigations and Free Access to valuable learning material.

Our Mission is to bring Traders & Trading Firms at the same table and help them communicate better and adapt to the new era of online trading.

Our Story

It all started with an idea and enough cash set aside to start something, but what? Pretty much all financial gurus tell you to “Budget and save”, or “Buy low, sell high”, or “Be smart with your money”. How smart? How low is low, and how high is high enough? Nobody tells you that… 

Well, we dared to envision a democratic financial space where investors, no matter their expertise or profession, can and should be the masters of their own investments. This is how we started InstructFX, which later became the educational platform of choice for everyone wanting to begin their financial journey.

Gradually, seeing the interest we’ve got there, we thought we could do something more. And that was the DOT  that birthed DOTFinancial – where all the dots come full circle .

Andrew Mreana

Founder and CEO of
DOT Financial News

Brad Alexander

CEO of FX Large

The DOT Financial Channel broadcasts every working day 16:00-21:00, running an extra hour via podcast on Wednesdays.